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Website Optimization Course

About SEO
SEO i.e Search Engine Optimizations is nothing but improving the visibility of your business site in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. To learn SEO you simply should know basics of HTML and we are covering the same in our course content.

Why businesses are moving towards of SEO?
1. Every individual uses search engine
Internet users always depend on search engine results for different queries related to different services and products. Even local users are also using search engine results for business directions and reviews. Also, if a user is known with business name, there is huge possibility that they will not remember your domain name and instead they will directly type your business name in search engine. At that point, you will need to ensure searchers can discover your site when they are searching for you or your business.

2. SEO Increases Website Traffic
On the off chance that you give important data and make it simple for web crawlers to discover and arrange it, they will remunerate you with higher rankings. These higher rankings will give more number of visitors on your site.

3. SEO brings free leads for you
Search engine shows results for particular term or phrase which users are currently searching, so getting at top of search results indicates that you are providing information to users who need it most.

Advertising is pushing information infront of people who might not be interested at that time for your product or service but through SEO you will get active users and you don’t need to pay to get the message to them.

1. What are Search Engines and Basics?
2. How Search Engines works?
3. Popular Search Engines.
4. Crawlers / Spiders
5. Visibility on Search Engines

Website and Basics
1. What is Website?
2. Working of Websites.
3. Details about HTTP, HTTPS & FTP.
4. How to register Site?
5. Hosting of site?
6. Domain Extensions and Sub-Domains
7. HTML Basics
8. Schema.org

Keyword research and analysis
1. What is Keyword?
2. What is Keyword Density?
3. Various types of Keywords.
4. Google trends
5. Keyword Proximity
6. Keywords Research & Analysis
7. Google Sandbox effect

On page optimization
1. Meta Tag Optimization
2. Image optimization
3. Creating/uploading Robots file
4. Creating/uploading HTML & XML Sitemap
5. Bold & Italic Tag
6. What is Page Rank?
7. 404 Error Redirects
8. 301 / 302 redirection
9. Competitor analysis
10. Pre/post-website analysis
11. Alexa report
12. Some Common SEO tools & plug-ins
13. Anchor Text
14. Heading tag

Advance SEO tools
1. SEO Quake
2. Semrush
3. Alexa
4. Moz
5. Whois

Off page optimization
1. Blog Creation & Posting
2. Article Submission
3. Search Engine Submission
4. Directory Submission
5. Free Classifieds
6. Forum Postings
7. Social Bookmarking
8. Documents / PPT & PDF Sharing
9. Image Submissions
10. Press Releases Submission

Algorithms and Updates
1. What is Google Panda?
2. What is Google Penguin?
3. Google Rank Brain
4. Google Humming Bird
5. Query Deserve Freshness Algorithm
6. Canonical Links
7. What are Site Links?

Google Analytics
1. Introduction to Google Analytics
2. Creating/uploading Google Analytics code
3. Google Analytics Cookies
4. Admin Section in Google Analytics
5. Dimensions & Metrics
6. Various reporting tabs
7. What are Sessions, bounce rate, new v/s returning users ?
8. Acquisitions from various channels, medium & sources.
9. Custom Reporting in Google Analytics
10. Goals & Funnels in Google Analytics
11. Applying filters in Google analytics
12. Email Tracking in Google Analytics
13. Conversion Tracking in Google Analytics
14. What are Annotations in Google Analytics?

Google Search Console/Webmaster tools
1. Structure Data
2. Schema.org & Microformats.org
3. Structured data testing tool
4. Rich Cards
5. Data Highlighter
6. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
7. International Targeting
8. Search Analytics
9. Remove Url from Google Index
10. Crawling Errors
11. Fetch as Google
12. XML Site map submission
13. Robots tester
14. Page speed Insight Tool
15. Mobile usability Tool

After the successful completion of the training and project he/she will be awarded with training certificate/certificate of completion
Placement Preparation
Along with this course, you will also get complementary (free of cost) access to the Gradient Infotech placement preparation module, which is a package to help you ace your placements/ internships hunt. You will learn how to write your resume, cover letter and how to prepare for your interviews.
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Course Duration

  • Duration - 60 days

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