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PHP Programming Course

About PHP with Web Development
PHP regularly known as Server Side Scripting Language is utilized to improve the site pages utilizing HTML. PHP is utilized to make dynamic site pages , created from the data accessed using MySQL database. Since syntax of PHP is like that of C and Perl, it is quite easy to learn basic PHP programming.PHP offers its network with the vast majority of databases. It can be effortlessly incorporated with different external libraries, enabling developers to do numerous tasks like producing PDF docs to parsing XML. Web technology comprises of components that make it workable for various PCs to impart and share assets. The idea driving Web Technology is to reach numerous individuals everywhere throughout the world on various platforms and operating systems and to make the internet more effective and easy to use.

It is used to build simple, unique site rapidly and easily. Due to ease of use it's turned to become popular choice of developer. Today, approximately 80% of all sites utilize it currently, including numerous Fortune 500 organizations and best startups. Before the finish of this PHP development course, you'll have essential programming knowledge to build your first PHP site.

Introduction of PHP
• What is PHP?
• Characteristics of PHP
• Applications of PHP
• Creating Script in PHP
• Executing and Debugging PHP Scripts
PHP Data Types
• Scalar types
• Compound types
• Special types
PHP Operators
• Arithmetic Operators
• String Operators
• Assignment Operators
• Comparison Operators
• Logical Operators
• Bitwise Operators
PHP Decision Making Statements
• Decision making using if statement
• Types of if…else block
• Switch statement
PHP Form Handling
• Creating forms in PHP
PHP Form Validation
• Client side Validation
• Server side Validation
PHP Strings
• Built in String Handling Functions
• Regular Expressions
• POSIX Regular Expressions
• PERL Style Regular Expressions
PHP File Cookies
• The Anatomy of a Cookie
• Setting Cookies with PHP
• Create/Retrieve a Cookie
• Updating Cookie
• Deleting Cookie
PHP Sessions
• Starting a PHP session
• PHP Session Variable Values
• Turning on auto session
• Update PHP session variable
• Destroying a PHP session
PHP Filters
• PHP Filter Extension
• PHP Filter Functions
• PHP Predefined Filter Constants
PHP File Handling
• Reading a File
• Writing to a File
PHP Loops
• For Loop
• While loop
• Do while loop
• Foreach loop
PHP Functions
• Types of PHP Functions
• Creating a PHP Function
• Calling a PHP Function
PHP Arrays
• Creating an Array
• Indexed Arrays
• Associative Arrays
• Multidimensional Arrays
• Sorting Arrays
PHP Exception Handling
• Different error handling methods
• Simple statements
• Custom errors and error triggers
• Error reporting
• Creating a Exception handler
• Creating a Exception class
• Multiple Exceptions
PHP XML Parser
• Tree-based Parsers
• Event –based parsers
• Introduction of AJAX
• AJAX database
Introduction of MySQL Database
• Relational Database Concepts
• Tables, rows, columns, values, keys, schemas, relationships.
Creating MySQL Database
• Creating MySQL Table
Inserting Delete, Updating Data
• Grouping and Aggregating Data
Retrieving data from MySQL
• Retrieving data with Specific Criteria
• Retrieving data from Multiple tables
• Retrieving data in a particular order
Advanced MySQL Programming
• Transactions
• Stored Procedures

Web Development with HTML5

• HTTP basics, web server and web browser
• Getting started with Web page
• Element and attributes in HTML 5
• HTML5 Tags
• Forms API
• HTML5 Canvas
• HTML5 Semantic
• Introduction to Scalable Vector Graphics
• Geolocation
• Structure of a Web page
• Difference between HTML and HTML5
• Typography
• Tables
• Dropdown
• Grids
• jQuery Syntax
• jQuery Selectors
• jQuery Effects
• jQuery HTML
Cascading Style Sheet (CSS3)
• Introduction to CSS3
• Types of Classes and Selectors
• Use of classes in CSS color properties
• Introduction to XML
• XML Elements
• XML Validator
• Embedding XML into HTML
• Introduction of JavaScript
• JavaScript Elements
• JavaScript Statements
• JavaScript Operators
• JavaScript Functions
• JavaScript Forms
CMS – WordPress and Joomla
• Introduction to CMS-WordPress
• WordPress site
• Finding and adding templates to a new site
• Introduction, features and benefits to JOOMLA
• Application of CMS
After the successful completion of the training and project he/she will be awarded with training certificate/certificate of completion
Placement Preparation
Along with this course, you will also get complementary (free of cost) access to the Gradient Infotech placement preparation module, which is a package to help you ace your placements/ internships hunt. You will learn how to write your resume, cover letter and how to prepare for your interviews.

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Course Duration

  • Duration - 60 days

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