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C# Dot Net Programming Course

About C# .Net

C# has been one of the best five most popular programming languages for as far back as decade, and in addition being the fundamental language that enterprises pay software engineers to use to build applications.

Let’s see why you should C# Dot Net Programming Classes in Gradient Infotech Nagpur and what are its advantages..

Being very much well designed and all around executed, from generics to asynchronous support, from LINQ to tuples, C# insightfully consolidates the latest thinking in programming language without over-burdening the syntax with strange bits and awkward hacks.

.NET Core and the C# compiler are open source. Microsoft perceive that the most ideal approach to give a cross-platform developer stack is to build application in a collaborative manner by open sourcing it. This permits transparency and engagement with clients in real time.

C# and .NET are amazingly productive and flexible for making any sort of software application. From mobile applications running on Android and iOS, to sites running in the cloud, C# and .NET are tools that are sufficiently capable to be utilized in variety of projects.

In addition, the base class libraries are rich in functionality, and are all around supported by third party like JSON.NET.

The future of C# Programming Language is splendid. Insights demonstrate that C# keeps on being standout amongst the most popular languages with developers – fourth most famous, according to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2017.

The latest iteration of language shows that we can expect that more perplexing highlights will be keep on being added to C#.

As virtual reality keeps on being an intriguing issue in the realm of programming, C# is probably going to remain as applicable as ever because of its key part in Unity.

C# and .NET may have first gone onto the scene more than 15 years prior, they stay probably the most indispensable tools a software engineer has to know today.

Introduction of .NET
• Introduction of .NET Framework
• Garbage Collection
Programming using Visual C#.NET
• C# .Net Program Design
• Variables and Types
• Strings and Arrays
• The Console Class
• String Formatting
• Statement and Flows
• Programming Structures
• Command-line arguments
• VS.Net to create C# .Net Apps
Introduction to Windows Forms-I
• Layout Enhancements
• Forms and Controls
• Event Handling
• Windows forms – buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, panels, group, list and picture boxes
Collection Framework
• Classes in Collection Framework
• Interfaces in Collection Framework
Delegates and Events in C#
• Delegates
• Types of Delegates
• Event Handling
Crystal Reports
• Reporting need in the application
• Crystal Reports- Reporting Tool
• Developing a Crystal Report
• Different ways to Invoke/Deploy Crystal Reports
Fundamentals of Database
• Components of SQL
• Basic SQL Commands
• Triggers and Views
• ADO.Net
• Database Connectivity
• Data Binding
• Data bound controls
Windows Forms -II
• Menus
• Built in dialogue boxes and printing
• Extender Controls
• Tool Strips, Status Strips and Progress bars
• A new MDI forms Strategy
• Inheritance with forms
• New Controls- web browser, property grid, etc
Object Oriented Concept
• Object Oriented Concepts
• Defining classes, class members
• Access modifiers, implementation of class
• Interfaces, properties
• Constructors
• Method overloading
• Enumerations
• Inheritance and Polymorphism
• Method overriding and hiding
• Casting objects
• Abstract Classes, sealed classes, static classes
Handling Exceptions in C#
• Exception handling
• The Exception Class
• The Exception Chain
• Catching Specific Exceptions
• Regular Expression
N- tier Architecture
• Client Server Basics
• N-tier Database Application
Creating Custom Windows Control
• User defined Controls
• Understanding the control class with container
• Add Properties/Methods/Events to Control
• Pack and use control in other windows application
• Create and implement a windows control
After the successful completion of the training and project he/she will be awarded with training certificate/certificate of completion
Placement Preparation
Along with this course, you will also get complementary (free of cost) access to the Gradient Infotech placement preparation module, which is a package to help you ace your placements/ internships hunt. You will learn how to write your resume, cover letter and how to prepare for your interviews.

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Course Duration

  • Duration - 60 days

C# .Net

From:6th June

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