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Website Design Services

When it comes to your website design, Gradient Infotech provides a complete turnkey solution: developing web-friendly content, graphic design, programming and hosting. Our designers create unique layouts based on your requirement. Our goal is to provide you with a custom website design which will enable you to distinguish your company from others. Whatever the size of your website, from a simple static site to a content-rich, complex site Gradient Infotech can provide you with the best solution to meet your needs. To keep our prices low, we follow a proven methodology for web design that eliminates the surprises that increase costs.
Determining the Scope of Your Website Design
This process includes a discovery phase which allows us to determine the scope of your website design. A thorough understanding of your needs is required to deliver the finished website design you expect. This includes the following:
Purpose of site:
1. Lead generation
2. E-commerce
3. Informational
Number of pages and images
Content Development: (Do you need help creating content?)
Content Management Solution: (So you can maintain the content of your website without knowing programming for the web – especially useful for large and e-commerce websites.)
Internet Marketing:
Search optimization of content (If achieving high rankings on search engines is important to you, you need your website content optimized for the keywords that people use on search engines to find your products or services.)
Search engine marketing and Pay Per Click Advertising (Do you wish to expand your “net” on the web by purchasing keywords for which your site might not be optimized?)
Technology solutions:
1. HTML for static sites
2. Database, .Net, Flex, PHP or any open source languages for e-commerce or large sites
3. Flash movie animations or Action Script for any site
Graphic Design (Do you have a vision of what the site should look like?)
1. Page layout
2. Menus positioning
3. Colors, Images , Animations
Designing Your Website and Graphic Design
Once you allow us to design your website you will be shown non-interactive, preview renderings of how your new website design will look and feel. At this stage, it is very economical to make changes on overall page structure, the use of images and colors, and the treatment of text. We will work with you to suggest and guide you on usage and graphics to be use on the site to allow the best impact for your market.
Programming and Testing of Website Design
Once you approve the graphic renderings of your new website design, the programming and coding of all the text and pages is performed. If your website requires an e-commerce solution, mirrors of your product and customer databases will be integrated into the site, the shopping cart and check-out implemented with the appropriate firewalls and security. All other applications will also be programmed into the site. Once the programming is completed, Gradient Infotech does a thorough “shake-down” of the site to correct errors and bugs. Once you are satisfied with all aspects of the site, Gradient Infotech will load your web files onto the web server of your choice, or onto a Gradient Infotech web server if you wish a complete solution.
Search Engine Optimization Strategies
If you need help with your website content (text and/or images), the Gradient Infotech content development team have many years of experience in conceptualizing, writing and visualizing all manner of sites. Our Search Engine Optimization Specialists can create content that is search engine friendly and gets you high rankings on search engine results. We will suggest and update your site to get you the best ranking results. If you need a content management solution that allows you to update content without knowing the coding, we can build that for you.

Database Driven Website

One of the most common types of dynamic web pages are the database driven type. Our development team at Nagpur creates dynamic, scalable, online solutions that give you unlimited room to grow. Gradient Infotech deliver from simple informational sites to online Commerce and complex database driven websites. Our software company based at Nagpur is specialized in Software Development services, Professional Website Design and Web development services. We have skilled professionals in the field of Web Design, Website Development, and Software Development. Over the years we have developed an enviable reputation as one of the best web development companies in Nagpur offering web programming services for complex database driven websites, be it Ruby on rails programming, PHP programming, MS-SQL, MYSQL or ASP.Net web development.
Why Database Driven services:
The Database driven sites are needed if you want to change your web site information very often, just like banking sites, shopping sites, content management sites, social networking sites, entertainment sites, informational sites, Blogs and Forums, Products application etc. Our database team based at Nagpur builds database using several competing technologies, each with its own advantages. Some of those technologies/tools include:
  • PHP Development
  • JSP Development
  • ASP Development
  • PERL Development
  • Ruby on rails Development
  • Flex Development
  • Cake PHP Development
  • Dot Net Development
  • C# Development
  • Object Oriented Programming Development
Relational database:
It is a database that group data using common attributes found in the data set. All of the most common databases available today are all relational databases such as MySql , MS-SQL, Oracle etc. Prior to these databases the simplest form of a database was the Flat File System.
Purpose of site:
1.Lead generation
Flat File Database:
It’s a custom way of storing the information in a simple text file. Our development team with six years of experience in the software industry understands the necessity of the client and gives 100% quality from creating the database and till delivery of the project.
Common Gateway Interface: Gradient Infotech, a Nagpur based company used this technology as this was the first method to develop and create dynamic web pages. Our development team at Nagpur initially used PERL programming language and started using more advanced technologies like PHP, ASP, JSP, Dot Net, Flex, Ruby On rails, Android, Cake PHP and C#.
Our team has developed various directory websites that are dynamic and database driven with MySQL or MSSQL as a backend relational database.
Content management Websites:
Built numerous websites for clients allowing them to manage the content of their websites by themselves. Some websites that have constantly changing information such as News websites, Ecommerce websites utilize such content management systems that are database driven.
Social networking:
Design your own profile, upload and download music/videos, make friends and chat with them, place Ads. Our development team at Nagpur has built various Social Networking websites that are extremely interactive and use some of the latest technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Flex and Cake PHP with MySQL as backend database.
Post a comment and reply to other comments. Customize your own blog/forum for your website. Gradient Infotech Database development team have developed and deployed several Blogs and Forums for clients across the India.
Ecommerce Solutions:
Provided and Built several Ecommerce / Shopping cart solutions for customers to extend their business over the internet. Our development team has developed ecommerce solutions for the Whole Sale and Retail industry.

Website Development

We have huge experience in system analysts and programmers work on your project from its conceptualization through and beyond its completion and implementation. It's easy to offer deployable systems and install them, but we will remain with you to insure that your technical personnel and other employees can successfully use the application.
Our Web Development services includes
+ E-Commerce Web Development
+ Dynamic & Database Driven Web Sites
+ Simple Static Sites
+ Application Development
+ Migration and Customization
+ Desktop Applications
+ Web / UI Applications
+ Payment Gateway
+ HTML conversion
+ W3C HTML and CSS code validation
We specialize in a wide range of programming languages ASP.NET, VB.NET, Ajax, Web x.0, Java, Javascript, JSP, Perl, PHP, XHTML, CSS and all open source languages.

Flash Interactive Web design

Fast-loading interactive flash animations from Gradient Infotech combine images, 3-D animations, lively text, audio, video, music and enhanced interactivity to add sizzle to your next flash based application.
Our Nagpur based interactive flash animation team has extensive experience in creating highly interactive and eye catchy flash animations and applications for corporate or business presentations such as Trade shows presentations, Training presentations, Flash Games, Sales Demo presentations and investor presentations. Our interactive flash animation team also has experience in taking flash to the next level with interactivity by creating web applications that utilize augmented reality.
The Flash Animation Design Process
  • We chat with you and gather materials; also to find out where and how you plan to use the final product.
  • To help you visualize the final product, a storyboard is created with text and suggestions for use of image animations, and possibly audio, music, 3-D animation, video, etc.
  • Once you approve the storyboard, we do some non- animated graphic renderings for you to review. After you approve the picture renderings, the storyboard is brought to life with Flash animation.
  • After any additional tweaking you may require, you are ready to unveil your Flash Animation.

e-commerce Website

Gradient Infotech is a Nagpur based e-commerce website development company provides everything you need to launch an online store. This includes everything needed to do business online including website hosting, shopping cart, merchant account and integration, secure socket layers, custom database, stored procedures, auto-responders, affiliate programs, shipping calculation, inventory tracking, special offer systems, and much more. Adding the power of e-commerce capabilities to a website will help to create new customers that would have purchased from your competitor's website - if you didn't have the ability to sell via your own website. Our development team at Nagpur develops a turnkey or custom e-commerce solution that works harder. Your Ecommerce / Shopping cart solution built by our development team can help sell products for you day and night. Our e-commerce design and development services at Nagpur cover all the basic necessary to sell your products and services online. We design our e-commerce systems with usability, stability and security in mind. Our services include everything necessary to create and process orders, as well as capture and store customer information in a way that fits the specific needs of your business.
Services for the e-commerce solutions:
• Customized layouts
• E-Commerce Shopping Cart
• Information flow to back-office systems
• Sales Stats
• Data Upload and Download
• Technical Support
• Customer Account Setup and Management
• Content management
• Create Unlimited Pages and Layouts
• Traffic Stats
• Discount Coupon Codes & Gift Certificates

Corporate Training

Gradient Infotech provides the best corporate training plans to improve your employee's Web skills...Read More

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