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Corporate Training

For many organizations technology and innovation are irrevocably linked to business success and this means that employee training is part and parcel of scheme of strategy. Well planned and thought-out training can increase employee knowledge, improve inter-departmental integration and foster collaboration leading to more efficient processes and lower costs. Gradient Infotech works with corporate to understand their training requirements and provide training customized to meet their corporate needs. Gradient Infotech provides training to support on-boarding of new hires, orientation of veteran employees in new roles, migration to new software applications and maintenance of existing desktop support systems and networks. Gradient Infotech will assess employee competency and design a program to bridge the knowledge gap. The goal of our training is to fast-track employees to becoming strategic partners in the success of your business.

Fresher training programme

This programme give vital support to the companies as it grooms the fresher. This training programme, boosts your bottom line by making programmers better equipped to do their jobs, and gives people a sense that the company cares about their long term success. This training includes various modules like Basics- C programming, SQL, DBMS concepts, UNIX basics. .net- C#, ADO.NET, ASP.NET Java- Java, JDBC, Servlet/JSP, EJB

Advanced Training programs

In this age of advanced technology, many companies use specialized software. The problem is, there are few IT professionals with the ability to review, understand, and implement a curriculum for any type of software. We at Gradient Infotech will be more than happy to learn your company's specialized software and create a training program for your staff.

Corporate Training

Gradient Infotech provides the best corporate training plans to improve your employee's Web skills...Read More

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