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About Diploma In ASP

The IT division is a very encouraging industry with various employment opportunities. One of the programming languages that drove the worldwide development of the IT business is DOT Net programming. It is a flexible programming language that can be utilized programming devices and products adaptable to various complicated and different system environments. They are perfect choices for building programming devices for Windows OS based web and server applications.

Asp dot net training at Gradient Infotech Nagpur will enable you build desktop as well as web application with ease. It will help you develop your coding skills and troubleshooting skills as well under the guidance of expert dot net developers.

There are a lot of reasons that help the decision of DOT Net programming as a career option. One of the prime reasons lies in the writing computer programs language qualities itself. Albeit a few other programming languages have come into existence in the previous decade, one which gloats of a reliable architecture and one which can be made adaptable to any type of system requirements is DOT Net. It can be utilized to assemble any sort of programming device or program that can be run autonomously on web or cell phones.

Also, the employment ratio for DOT Net programming has never encountered a decay since initiation. Truth be told, the numbers are just relentlessly spiking as the interest for reliable and versatile architecture is just increasing every day.

.Net is open source technology and step by step numerous organizations are choosing this technology to build up the products. Along these lines, it has turned out to be prominent among youngsters, who wish to make a profession in IT. .Net development can be used in different verticals like business sites, social networking sites, e-commerce websites, payment gateway integration, portal development and many more.

There are an extraordinary number of programmers and developers who decide on ASP.NET Development along with mind blowing number of organizations who offer solutions. The present version of the structure is 4.0 and serves a several enhancements from release 1.0. This technology is developed from the family of Effective Server Pages technology. It is outlined on Common Language Run time (CLR) which causes developers to control effortlessly without using any reinforced .NET language.

Diploma in Microsoft.NET Training course is intended for understudies to incorporate their vocation with rising pattern of IT Industry. Microsoft .NET Training Course is for understudies who intend to be essentially knowledgeable with the .NET programming idea alongside C# and apply their learning in the field of software development. The .NET Training Course is intended to shape understudies into programming experts who can face the challenges to enter IT Industry. The understudies will likewise get an opportunity to plan for MCTS Certification under the direction of Dot Net staff. For the general proficient improvement of the understudy, extraordinary preparing sessions should be led including practice tests on aptitude and grooming sessions. This course best prepares the understudies for the competitive world of .Net technology.


Introduction of .NET
• Introduction of .NET 4.5 Framework
• Garbage Collection
Concept Of Assemblies
• Assemblies
• Assembly Content
• Assembly types
Programming in C#
• Introduction of C#
• Language Features
• Variables, expressions and type conversions
• Flow control
• Loops
• Functions
• Boxing and Unboxing
• Arrays
Introduction of .NET
• Introduction of .NET 4.5 Framework
• Garbage Collection
Introduction to Windows Programming using C#
• Windows Programming
• Windows Controls
• Common Controls
• Container Controls
• Menus and Toolbars
• Printing
• Dialogs
• Deploying Windows Application
• Deployment Overview
ASP .NET Controls and Graphics
• Introduction to ASP.NET
• ASP.Net Web Server Controls
• ASP.Net Page Life Cycle
• User Controls in ASP.Net
• Navigation Control
• Validation Control
• Login Controls
• Dynamic Graphics
• Basic Drawing
• Drawing a custom image
• Placing custom images inside Web Pages
• Image Format and Quality
Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)
• Introduction of Cascading Style Sheet
• Working with CSS
• Types of Style Sheet
• Components of SQL
• Basic SQL Commands
• Triggers and Views
• ADO.Net
• Database Connectivity
• Data Binding
• Data bound controls
Object Oriented Programming
• Object Oriented Concepts
• Defining classes, class members
• Access modifiers, Implementation of class
• Interfaces, properties
Collection Framework
• Classes in Collection Framework
• Interfaces in Collection Framework
• Inheritance
• Types of inheritance
Handling Exceptions in C#
• Exception handling
• Regular Expression
Delegates and Events in C#
• Delegates
• Types of Delegates
• Event Handling
Master and Content Pages in ASP.NET
• Creating Master and Content Pages
• Simple Master Page, Netsed Master Page
• Configuring Master Page Creating Themes
• Applying Themes
State Management in ASP.NET
• ASP.Net State Management
• Using View State
• Session state and application state
• Using cookies and URL encoding
• ASP.Net Web Application Security
• Authentication
• Authorization
• Impersonation
• ASP.Net provider model
• Caching
• Output Caching
• Data Caching
Basics of Networking
• Networking overview
• Networking programming options
• Webclient
• Web request and Web response
• Toplistener and Topclients
• Introduction of LINQ
• LINQ Queries
• Standard Query operators
• Lambda Expressions

Advanced Technologies (AJAX, Jquery, MVC, Web Services)

AJAX Technology
• Introduction of AJAX
• AJAX Server Controls
• Creating AJAX Application using ASP.NET
• ASP.NET AJAX Controls Toolkit
• Introduction to jQuery
• jQuery UI Library
• Working of jQuery
• Functions used in jQuery
Working with MVC
• Introduction of MS.Net MVC Framework
• MVC Architecture
• How to start an ASP.NET MVC application
• The folders and files for a new MVC application
• Working with Views
• Working with controls
Web Services
• Web Services and Deployment
• Introduction to WCF, WPF and WF
• Creating a new WCF Service
• Using on click deployment
• Creating Web API Service


After the successful completion of the training and project he/she will be awarded with training certificate/certificate of completion

Placement Preparation

Along with this course, you will also get complementary (free of cost) access to the Gradient Infotech placement preparation module, which is a package to help you ace your placements/ internships hunt. You will learn how to write your resume, cover letter and how to prepare for your interviews.

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Course Duration

  • Duration - 60 days

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