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ASP Dot Net MVC Training

About ASP Dot Net Technology
ASP.Net MVC training at Gradient Infotech Nagpur will make you full fledge dot net developer. Before knowing the course syllabus we will first see the history, importance and job opportunities in Dot Net Programming.

The Dot NET Framework is created by Microsoft that runs basically on Microsoft Windows. It consolidates a broad library and gives language interoperability over a couple of programming languages.

Projects formed for the .NET Framework execute in product domain known as the Common Language Runtime, an application virtual machine that gives organizations, for instance, security, memory organization, and extraordinary case dealing with. In like manner there are various more features, for instance, interoperability, CLR, Simplified association, security, adaptability which make .net especially simple to use.

Active server pages or Asp Dot Net Programming Language, is the ideal stage for making high – end applications. It is the best server side scripting technology where Windows web server is utilized to host Asp.Net sites and web applications.

ASP.NET can help in various verticals, for example, development of company and business sites, cms, etc. One can even make online projects as indicated by organization needs. You may develop a site which can help for CRM reasons and furthermore options related to e-commerce and payment gateway.

It has ensured that every releases of ASP.NET server have a continuous UI and are modern with respect to changes and functions.

ASP.NET Development contains finish options for capable sites of various sorts and ready to convey the best – looking and highlight rich sites superior to many. The functions can assist organizations and enterprises with flourishing web companies. Along these lines you can make your career in this field by joining our dot net training institute in Nagpur and Pune.

Introduction of .NET
• Introduction of .NET 4.5 Framework
• Garbage Collection
Introduction to Windows Programming
• Windows Programming
• Windows Controls
• Common Controls
• Container Controls
• Menus and Toolbars
• Printing
• Dialogs
• Deploying Windows Application and overview
Programming in C#
• Introduction of C#
• Language Features
• Variables, expressions and type conversions
• Flow control
• Arrays, Loops, Functions, Boxing and Unboxing
Master & Content Pages
• Creating Master and Content Pages
• Simple Master Page, Nested Master Page
• Configuring Master Page, Creating Themes
• Applying Themes
State Management in ASP.NET
• ASP.Net State Management
• Using View State
• Session state and application state
• Using cookies and URL encoding
• ASP.Net Web Application Security
• Authentication
• Authorization
• Impersonation
• ASP.Net provider model
• Caching
• Output Caching
• Data Caching
Fundamentals of Database
• Components of SQL
• Basic SQL Commands
• Triggers and Views
• ADO.Net
• Database Connectivity
• Data Binding
• Data bound controls
ASP .NET Controls & Graphics
• Introduction to ASP.NET
• ASP.Net Web Server Controls
• ASP.Net Page Life Cycle
• User Controls in ASP.Net
• Navigation Control
• Validation Control
• Login Controls
• Dynamic Graphics
• Basic Drawing
• Drawing a custom image
• Placing custom images inside Web Pages
• Image Format and Quality
Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)
• Introduction of Cascading Style Sheet
• Working with CSS
• Types of Style Sheet
• Introduction of LINQ
• LINQ Queries
• Standard Query operators
• Lambda Expressions
Working with MVC
• Introduction of MS.Net MVC Framework
• MVC Architecture
• How to start an ASP.NET MVC application
• The folders and files for a new MVC application
• Working with Views
• Working with controls
Web Services
• Web Services and Deployment
• Introduction to WCF, WPF and WF
• Creating a new WCF Service
• Using on click deployment
• Creating Web API Service


After the successful completion of the training and project he/she will be awarded with training certificate/certificate of completion

Placement Preparation

Along with this course, you will also get complementary (free of cost) access to the Gradient Infotech placement preparation module, which is a package to help you ace your placements/ internships hunt. You will learn how to write your resume, cover letter and how to prepare for your interviews.

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Course Duration

  • Duration - 60 days

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