As said in earlier articles, lot of beginners who wish to make their career in software development are always worried about what programming language they should choose to gear up their career as software developer.

But, only few got the answer and for rest it remains the same. This article will be helpful for you to get the solution.

One of the best method to choose which programming language is better to learn is by considering job opportunities each technology is offering. I also searched so much and finally listed top programming languages to learn which are having better job opportunities in IT industry.

1. Javascript

As per the survey done by JavaScript is one of the top three most looked after programming languages as per the employers perspective. According to the report by stack overflow, JavaScript was the most mainstream programming language with 65% using it regularly and around 5% migrating to it. It is considered as one of the better choice for developers who are working on interactive web pages.

The most important part is that it has made amazing progress from a tool that can bring interactivity to a web page to a choice for an efficient server side development. Node.js, an open-source run-time environment permits making server-side code using JavaScript. Many Node.js based frameworks, for example, Meteor and Derby make this technology provide all the essential functionality for building highly scalable web applications or any type of projects.

2. Python Programming

Python keeps on climbing the positions of the world's most prevalent programming languages. As per the last year report generated by developer hub Stack Overflow Python is considered as the world’s fastest growing programming language. This also reflects in the TIOBE index where Python ranks #4.

Python is a language used in web development, mobile app development and data science. And when it comes to Machine Learning, IBM stated that Python is the most popular for Machine Learning programming. Data is the key in machine learning and Python can easily deal and understand unstructured, vast, raw data.

The next important feature of Python programming language is its dynamic type systems and automatic memory management, which enables you to develop complex software applications in easiest way.

It is also an interpreted programming language, allowing you to run same code on different platforms without recompilation; this in turn will reduce development time. Python also provides you with large standard library to choose from a wide range of modules according to your requirements.

3. Java

Being 20 years old, Java is widely used by millions of developers and devices across world. The programs written in Java programming language are able to run on any hardware and operating system using Java virtual machine. Most of the top most companies are using Java as server-side language for backend development. All android applications are using Java programming language.

4. C++

Among the list of top programming languages C++ holds good position. C++ programming language is used for development of games, application software, client-server application development, designing of embedded system applications, drivers, etc. Although, as per developers C++ is a complex language and comparatively difficult to learn, it is still use in legacy systems at large scale enterprises.

5. C#

C# is an object oriented language by Microsoft. It runs on Microsoft’s .Net platform. The introduction of C# programming language makes development easier and faster as compared to other programming languages introduced by Microsoft. Like C++, C# is extensively used in video game development.

Hence, considered as top programming language to learn nowadays.

Other Technologies Developer Aspirant Should Learn

Below listed software frameworks are among the important programming languages developer should know as these are commonly advertised skills for software developers found on top job portals.

• SQL: SQL stands for standard query language which is required for storing, retrieving and manipulating data in database. SQL technically is not a programming language but is extremely job demanding, with more than 30, 000 additional job posts mentioning SQL in job advertisement than JAVA.

• .NET: .Net is platform offered by Microsoft for various application development whether it is desktop, web, Android or IoT application. Microsoft’s .Net was made open source in 2016. Numerous windows application run on .Net making it extremely predominant in programming business world. As .Net now turned to be open source it is expected to become more popular in coming days.Learn more about .Net Technology

• Node: Node.js is an open-source run-time environment that permits JavaScript code to be kept running on the server side. This permits developers to use single language for development of complete web application. As demand for Node.js is increasing JavaScript developers should invest some time on Node.js.